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  • Co-founder & Former CEO, international customer relationship management co. 

  • Finalist: EY Entrepreneur of the Year    

  • CEO: SMU COX’s fastest growing private companies in Dallas

  • 200 published articles/research studies on Relationships

  • 1st book:  Business best-seller The Streetcorner Strategy for Winning Local Markets, helped inspire CRM movement

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About Robert


"...the most important

book of the decade."

Richard Boyatzis, Harvard Ph.D.

emotional intelligence guru, co-author of best seller Primal Leadership.

Relationships, in all their varied forms, have been the lifetime study of Robert Hall. He brings a rare combination of experience as a researcher, consultant, writer, teacher and CEO in dealing with the real-world relationship challenges of modern society. When coupled with a decade of hands-on experience in the gritty world of inner-city homeless families this book translates into a tapestry of vivid stories, well-researched and oft startling facts, and strategic insights that weave together the yet untold narrative of society's gravest risk and the Relational Leadership required to turn it around.

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Relationships are our single most valuable and value-creating possession.

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Congrats David on making No. 1 New York Times best seller list.  Thanks for the shout out for This Land of Strangers

Robert with NYTimes columnist David Brooks in Dallas presenting his new book, The Second Mountain
This Land of Strangers

This Land of Strangers

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