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Mollie Hemmingway

Senior Editor, The Federalist

Political commentator Fox News, CNN and MSNBC: on Robert’s HuffPost, “The New Religion: Destructive Escalation”

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Robert has published more than 150 columns, articles, white papers, and research studies on relationship. In addition to being a regular contributor at Huffington Post, his work has been published and discussed in Forbes, American Banker, Sales & Marketing Management magazine, The CEO Magazine, ABA Bank Marketing magazine, Computerworld, The Daily Beast, Business Week, The Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times, The Detroit News, The Indianapolis Star and in international publications including Sydney Morning News (Australia), European Financial Management Association (London) and Relational Thinking Network(Cambridge, UK).

The ability to see the good in others and the bad in ourselves is perfect vision.  John Wooden

Maybe you have noticed how the mighty – and their prominent tribes – have fallen. Linked by shared social interests, these leaders and their tribes have many names, forms and recent crackups.  Tribe Hollywood as the cultural elite’s royal...

...use the phrase, 'disagree and commit.'  This phrase will save you a lot of time.  Jeff Bezos, CEO/Founder, Amazon, Letter to Shareholders, 4/12/17

We are deteriorating faster than we can lower our standards. Anne Lamott

Relationship Fundamentalism is the belief that it is our moral duty to disassociate ourselves with anyone with...

• Uber CEO Steps-down from Trump Business Council by Threatened Customer Boycott

• Starbucks Faces Boycott After Pledging to Hire Refugees

• Trump Attacks Nordstrom over Daughter’s Clothing-line

• Breitbart Editor’s Event Canceled as Protests Turn Violent at UC Berkeley;

• The Senate is Coming ApartIs California Really Going to Secede...

As Blackrock engages with your company this year, we will be looking to see how your strategic framework reflects past year’s changes [growing backlash]in the global environment. Larry Fink, CEO, Blackrock ($5.1 Trillion AUM) speaking softly but carrying a big stick in letter to S&P 500 CEOs

Relational risk is the expanding, unchar...

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.

-General George S. Patton

Whether with President Trump, certain celebrity speakers at the Women’s March or disagreements with family or friends — each of us must decide how we respond to differences that offend us: Do we continue this game or change it? Louder shouts, mor...

Even the new physics tells us that matter is merely the manifestation of spirit, but spirit, consciousness, relationship itself is the real thing. We used to think all the energy was in the particles of the atom; now it seems that energy is, in fact, in the space between the particles. 

- Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs.


It’s time to admit we don’t know. The way to know isn’t ideology. It’s relationships. 

-Trevor Ruddock Black

Fight hard, win the election, overstate your mandate, overreach – rinse and repeat. It happened with President Bush after his 3.5 million-vote second-term victory, “I earned capital in this campaign, political capital, and no...

More than half of Americans say the 2016 election is a major source of stress.

- American Psychological Association 10/13/16

Much of the stress associated with the Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can be attributed to how two different types of groups — teams and tribes — have run-amok. In fact, mu...