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Robert speaking at 

The International Relational Thinking Conference 

University of Cambridge 

Engaging an audience and delivering insights you can use: Home, Work, Politics & Faith.


Robert is noted for translating his unique insights on relationships into a powerful, engaging and persuasive spoken message. He employs a combination of strategic vision, compelling facts, humor, and poignant story-telling that delivers an urgent wake-up call to address the relationship crisis we face. It is designed to leave no heart or brain – left or right – behind.

He has shared the platform at major conferences as keynote speaker with such notable CEOs as Bill Gates at Microsoft, Lew Platt at Hewlett Packard, and Dick Kovacevich at Wells Fargo. He has addressed audiences of up to 8,000 in the U.S., Canada, several Latin America countries, the UK, Spain, South Africa and Australia. CEOs have brought him in to speak to large employee and customer groups to inspire fresh perspective and renewed commitment to more productive relationships. He has also presented to large and small non-profit groups, churches, and schools on issues of relationship, homelessness, and community.


Robert, your keynote hit a home run for us last week at our Annual Conference and we are so grateful.  You had great information and set the stage for our other speakers.  You were terrific.


                             - Dennis McCuistion, Executive Director, Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance                             Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT -- Dallas


“Robert, your session was rated the highest of all.”

- Susan Sullivan-Sibert, Microsoft Inc., Microsoft Global Summit


"Robert Hall's message is a clarion call for change. Relationships are the foundation of business and personal growth and it's time we all took notice of the value they bring to our lives. I guarantee your organization will benefit from Robert's information."  

- Bob Brown, CEO, Opportunity Village, Las Vegas, NV

Robert’s presentation to a group of denomination leaders stirred robust conversation.  I am still hearing rave reviews.  Relationships are the cornerstone that we in the foundation, education, conference center and children’s home field build upon daily.” 

- Rev. Rick Young, CEO, Texas Presbyterian Foundation

“Robert, you were terrific. Your warmth, professional image, and content spoke highly of your knowledge and enthusiasm for your subject. You received the highest overall rating we have had in the last year.”  

- George Hendley, VP Programs, American Society for Training & Development International Conf.

“Robert gave the last keynote of the 2019 conference. This is a challenging time to speak as folks are "saturated" and the ranks begin to thin. Robert's content was so compelling that the room was filled and the audience rapt. He's a delight to work with and in addition to being a terrific author, he delivers insightful, relevant material. In the words of one attendee, "timely and actionable ... really made us think."

- Michael E. Egan, Ph.D. CMC, 2019 Chair, Annual Conference, Institute of Management Consultants

2020 Scheduled Appearances

January 14 - Strategic Retreat, Phoenix House, Dallas, TX.

January 22 - Keynote, "Relational Leadership:  Engaging Stakeholders for Strategic Direction," Presbyterian Community and  Services, Dallas, TX.

February 22 - Men's Retreat, First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Worth, Strategic Retreat, Ft. Worth, TX.

March 6 - Keynote, Edward Patton Ethics Luncheon, Schreiner University, Kerrville, TX

April 3-5 - Private Retreat, Mo-Ranch, Kerrville, TX

2019 Scheduled Appearances

January 16 - Executive Retreat, Big 6 Non-profits Austin, TX.

February 7 - Keynote:  Good Neighbor Banquet, Community Renewal, Palestine, TX.

February 12 -  Relational Leadership:  Key to Growing Your Business", Sachse Chamber of Commerce, Sachse, TX.

February 19 -  Vision Retreat:  Private non-profit client, Dallas, TX.

March 30Vision Retreat:  Private non-profit client, Dallas, TX.

April 10 - "Relational Leadership: Key to Growing Your Business", Rowlett Chamber of Commerce, Rowlett, TX.

April 12-14 -  Private Retreat:  Mo-Ranch, Kerrville, TX.

April 17 - Keynote: "Growing Your Business --- Growing Stakeholder Relationships", Service Nation, Orlando, Florida

May 15 -  Relational Leadership:  "Building Business, Building Community," Shreveport Leadership, Shreveport, LA.

August 15 -  "Relational Leadership:  Building Business, Building Community," NE Tarrant Chamber of Commerce, DFW, TX.

September 14 - "Relational Leadership in a World Desperate for Compassion", Compassion Conference, Dallas, TX

October 6 -  Keynote:  "Today's Stakeholder Revolt:  How Relational Disruption Presents Peril and Opportunity for Consultants,"           Institute of Management Consultants Annual Conference, Dallas, TX

October 30 -  Keynote:  "Relational Leadership for the Coming Stakeholder Revolt," CEO Dinner, Dallas, T


A partial listing of conferences where he has delivered keynote speeches and led retreats includes:


  • University of Texas at Dallas Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance – Annual Corporate and Annual Non-profit Conferences

  • Microsoft North American and European Global Summits (Seville, Spain)

  • The Public Education Foundation Leadership Summit

  • Values Aligned Leadership Conference, Colorado Christian University  

  • National Guard Officer Association of Louisiana Conference

  • Conference of Southwest Foundations  

  • Dallas Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Women’s Roundtable

  • American Society for Training and Development International Conference

  • Hilltop Securities Annual Investment Bankers Conference

  • Argentine Bank Marketing Association, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • ABN Amro Executive Conference (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • Brown-Forman Corporation National Management Conference

  • Cigna Insurance Executive Sales Council

  • HR Leadership Summit, Washington, D.C.

  • CXO Leadership Summit, St. Louis

  • Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Summit

  • Hyatt Hotels Sales and Marketing Executive Forum

  • American Bankers Association Small Business Banking Conference

  • Presbytery of New Covenant, Houston, Texas

  • Interbank Executive Conference (Lima, Peru)

  • Southern Methodist University Graduate School of Banking

  • Lafferty International Retail Bankers Council (London, England)

  • NRMA Management Conference (Sydney, Australia)

  • Peppers & Rogers South Africa CRM Conference (Johannesburg)

  • Retail Council of Canada (Toronto, Canada)

  • Royal Bank of Canada Consumer Banking Conference (Toronto, Canada)

  • Sales and Marketing Management National Conference

  • Staffing Industry Executive Forum

  • Standard Bank of South Africa National Client Conference (Johannesburg)

  • Thomas Cook Int’l Financial Services Conference (London, England)

  • Westpac Management Conference (Sydney, Australia)

Robert Hall

“The Aging Boomers”

My most recent radio appearance regarding how relational decline is impacting the care of those retiring plus three ‘takeaways’ for making the most of their relational wisdom.

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